Malla Trasera Modelo Cargo - Smittybilt

  • $229.000

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Your Jeep has the muscle and the moxie to tackle the toughest, rockiest, nastiest trails across the globe. When you're inching your way across the Rubicon or blasting over sand berms in Glamis, seatbelts are critical for keeping you and your passengers from spilling out into the dirt-but what's going to stop your cargo from tumbling out? Only the Smittybilt C.RES Jeep Cargo Net!

Whether you're loaded up with coolers, jerry cans, or even briefcases, the Smittybilt CRES Jeep Cargo Net catches anything that might bounce out of your rig. Because your Jeep net is constructed from UV-stable, military-grade PVC vinyl, it has plenty of backbone to survive the most grueling conditions. In fact, the materials used in this Smittybilt cargo restraint system are tougher than most soft tops.

Leave your duct tape and sewing kit in your garage-the Smittybilt C.RES Jeep Cargo Net comes fully custom tailored for a perfect fit on your Jeep. Powerful straps secure it to your roll cage, and the heavy-duty zippers give you fast access to your gear in the rear. Lifetime Warranty.


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